Fargrim Brokentooth

Shield dwarf Ranger. Iron Wolf Warrior (theme) / bounty hunter (background).


Short, with leathery skin and a mangy beard. He’s clearly spent most of his life sleeping outside and eating what he could catch. Fargrim is a surly, gruff character, except when speaking with his wolf companion, Loup. (pronounced “Loo”)


Fargrim Brokentooth grew up as part of an Iron Wolves tribe comprised mainly of shield dwarves, humans and half-elves located on the western edge of the Snakewood Forest, at the foot of the Cloud Peaks mountains. His father and Iron Wolf brothers trained him in the skills of a ranger and Iron Wolf warrior.
After a number of years roaming the foothills at the edge of the Snakewood, Fargrim grew anxious for a new setting. He had heard amazing stories of the Sword Coast from traveling clerics of Marthammor Duin, the dwarven god of wanderers and adventurers, and was encouraged by them to see more of what Faerûn had to offer. So after a blessing and baptism of earth by the clerics, he set out west to explore the world and find adventure.
Along the way he happened upon an abandoned wolf cub which he took in and raised. He named him Loup. They have become great friends and hunting partners.
When he stopped off in the town of Nashkel, on the northwest edge of the Cloud Peaks mountains, he was offered a job as a bounty hunter by a hunchbacked old man with a strange white mohawk and few teeth, named Hodor Quarriman, (better known as “Hodor the Hunchback”) who ran a bounty hunting service. Fargrim didn’t really need the money, except to cover his drinking tabs, but it sounded like fun and a good use of his skills, so he signed on.
After a year flying by in Nashkel (too long in one place) he had gained such a solid reputation as a bounty hunter that he was approached by two Harper agents from Berdusk to hunt down and capture specific criminals known to be residing in or around Nashkel, and to act as a Harper informant for any suspicious activity between Beregost and Berdusk. Fargrim isn’t as naturally altruistic as most Harpers are known to be, but he had heard of their principal goal of eliminating oppression wherever it takes hold, so, because Fargrim’s maternal grandparents died in slavery to the Drow, and because the missions sounded interesting, he agreed to be of service.
After getting antsy from spending too much time in such a shit-hole as Nashkel, Fargrim decided to venture up the Sword Coast in search of other adventures.

*Holds especial enmity toward Drow, orcs and trolls.

*When asked about the irony of his surname in relation to his set of impeccably straight, white teeth (on the few occasions they can be seen under his bushy moustache, and due to the fact that he rarely smiles) he sighs and grumbles, “bloody hell, it’s only a family name..”

Fargrim Brokentooth

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