Stumbling through the Swordcoast

The Tower of Treona

Rumors of The Slaying Stone

The ale and silver were flowing freely in the days following the dispatch of Smiley Bob (known to most simply as “The Bear”). The Friendly Arm welcomed the business gladly, and The Party enjoyed a chance to kick up their boots, tell a few tall tales, and allow their claw-wounds to mend. Somehow, to Nathaniel’s complete surprise, a catchy limerick recounting the tale began to circulate through the Western Heartlands, and in no time farmers were humming it as they rose to milk their cows, and their wives would mutter a passage or two as they prepared the evening’s meal. Fame felt good, and before they had even had their first pint of Tar Ale, the group had nearly forgotten their encounter with a goblin branded with a strange marking…

However, within a Quart-Fortnight’s time, they began to grow restless and bored. Seraphina had taken to long naps at the bar counter, despite not having touched a drop of Tar Ale. Fargrim spent more and more time outside the inn, smoking his pipe and muttering about heading north to “Find some work.” Nathaniel spent hours every day recounting his heroic exploits to the patrons of the tavern, as Lucan conversed with the bartender about the layout of the land. For reasons he couldn’t later explain, Vulpin unsurreptitiously lifted the coinpurses off of most of the local farmhands in the tavern. He was eventually searched by the Inn Guard, reprimanded and had his own gold confiscated as “evidence”.

It was at this moment that a ruddy looking farmboy named Rolf burst in, short of breath, and ran up to the barkeep. Gesturing in the direction of the adventurers, the boy asked if these were indeed the noble warriors that specialized in goblin killing. “Indeed we are” replied Lucan, and the boy handed them a well-worn scroll bearing the seal of a noble house. Lucan read the letter aloud, intriguing The Party, and mystifying the local inhabitants. “An artifact of great power!” exclaimed one of the village wenches. “Oy, that elf with the puffy hair knows how to read!” chimed in the Friendly Arm’s stable master.

It seemed that one Treona, a woman of impeccable handwriting, had heard of the group’s undertakings (through gossip or divining, they did not know). She had requested the group’s presence within the week, and the tone in her words seemed to stress urgency. The party was ready to set off immediately — before they realized they lacked a map, or any idea where they were going… Upon obtaining a map “on loan” from the friendly barkeep, they hired some ponies and headed north toward Baldur’s gate.

In Baldur’s Gate, The Party purchased equipment, potions, plenty of rations, a stolen loaf of bread, and at first light, they were off to the east! They followed the pony trail along the River Chionthar, traveling by day and camping by night. It was easy going for Fargrim being accustomed to the outdoors, but the rest of the group wasn’t accustomed to such a trek. Plagued by mosquitos, poor rest, and soggy boots, they neared their destination haggard and ready for a good night’s rest.

As the weather this time of year is expected to do, the skies opened up and the winds began to scream on the third day of their voyage. Once they came within view of Treona’s Tower, the rain had them drenched and sleet was driving down on them. “Ruddy rockhucking weather…” muttered Vul. Approaching the bridge (and expecting a troll to leap out at any moment), they suddenly heard a mournful howl go up behind them; and then one in front of them! Wolves!

Trudging and sliding through the mud the adventurers leaped from their ponies and stumbled off to engage the half-starved beasts. The wolves used the slippery terrain to their advantage, grabbing and knocking down adventurers that attempted to engage them. However, within a few minutes time (though it seemed much longer!), the poor beasts lay still once more as the rain and river washed over them (550 XP). An old lady called at them from the tower, and they thankfully came inside and shed their soggy cloaks.

Inside the tower, as they enjoyed a warm spot of tea, the party learned about Treona, Kiris Dahn, Kiris Alkirk the last heir, and the Ninth Slaying Stone. A dangerous and immensely powerful object, the group discovered that Tieflings crafted these Stones centuries ago to destroy even the most powerful intruder. However, when the goblin hordes came, their numbers overwhelmed the city’s defenses, and the Stones were lost. Fearful of the object’s power, and another mage seeking the stone, Treona was urgent that the group depart immediately to find the stone, bring it back, and have it destroyed. Gorizzbad (As Kiris Dahn was now called by its goblin conquerors) was overrun by hundreds of vicious goblins, who claimed ownership of the whole city. Kobolds had also since moved in to the south of the city in the slums, and the Goblins claimed they were trespassing on their lands. Treona warned them that they might not be the only hired swords searching for the object, and warned them to be on their guards.

After a fitful night’s rest in the cramped tower, The Party ventured forth toward Gorizzbad.They had a near run-in with a traveling goblin patrol. Fargrim muttered “Gotta plan.” He and Vul crept toward the front gate, hiding behind the bridge’s pillars. Perfectly at home in the wilds, Fargrim leapt into the churning waters of the Chionthar, and with surprisingly little effort, swam to the other side. A rope was attached, and Vul crossed with ease. Creeping to the east of the gate, Vul cried out in Goblinese “Oy, you fat-headed fairy farts! Get over here, there’s a cheeky kobold that thinks he’s going to get fresh with me sister!”. As the goblins laughed and ran off toward the voice, the thief slunk back toward the bridge, and gestured the rest of the part to cross unmolested. Seraphina breathed a sigh of relief that she wouldn’t be crossing the rope in her plate-mail armor..

The group is inside Gorizzbad! (100 XP) Will they manage to avoid the goblin patrols? And more importantly, can they find the Lost Slaying Stone before anyone else does?

The Party gains: 650 XP, for a total of 130 XP per character!
Quests Received: Find the Slaying Stone, and Provide Proof of its Destruction (Major Quest); Collect Arcane Writings (Minor Quest)



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